Prior meeting outcomes

July 2019
AusSeabed Workshop 5: AGM, Strategic Plans, Annual Reports, 2019/20 work plan (Minutes [PDF 1.4MB])

May 2019
AusSeabed Data Standards Workshop [PDF 247KB]: Meeting summary

April 2019
AusSeabed Steering Committee meeting 2 notes. (Notes [PDF 166KB])

November 2018
AusSeabed Steering Committee meeting 1 notes. (Notes [PDF 313KB])

October 2018
National Seafloor Geomorphology Mapping Workshop [PDF 450 KB]: Meeting summary and Geomorphology Classification Scheme

July 2018
AusSeabed Workshop 4: QA4MBES, Data management, and Governance. (Minutes [PDF 252KB])

March 2018
Geoscience Australia and AHO meeting to discuss MBES data sharing. (Minutes [PDF 135KB])

November 2017
AusSeabed Workshop 3:  National tools, and National Multibeam Guidelines. (Minutes [PDF 356KB])

May 2017
AusSeabed Workshop 2: National Bathymetry Guidelines. (Minutes [PDF 606KB])

October 2016
AusSeabed Workshop 1: Bathymetry Priority Plan. (Minutes [PDF 627KB])

Please note: presentations that were delivered at the meetings are available for download on the Presentations & Publications page.