Publication Schedule

Bathymetry Publication Schedule

The AusSeabed Publication Schedule is a list of seabed mapping surveys that are intended for publication on the AusSeabed Marine Data Portal. Currently, this process is a collaboration between Geoscience Australia and CSIRO, but is intended to expand in future with more AusSeabed data collaborators.

While AusSeabed aims to publish data to the level of adherence based on the requirements stated in the AusSeabed multibeam guidelines (version 1), we will also publish interim products (version 0) that are currently available, but have not yet been standardised (version 1). Users should be aware that V1 products will always supersede V0 products.

The status of each survey indicates the level of completeness, ranging from:

  • New: The survey has been newly added to the schedule and has not yet progressed in the publication queue,
  • On Hold: The survey has not yet progressed in the publication queue,
  • In Progress: The survey is in progress of being published,
  • Published: The survey is published on the AusSeabed Marine Data Portal and is available for viewing and downloading,
  • Not Applicable (N/A): The survey has been published at a standardised level (version 1), and does not need to be published at a version 0 level.

The Publication Schedule is updated weekly and once surveys are published on the AusSeabed Marine Data Portal, they will be removed from the table after a fortnight.

If you are interested in more information or would like to become an AusSeabed collaborator, please contact us at