Seabed Morphology Mapping Tools

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Geoscience Australia’s seabed morphology mapping tools (GA-SaMMT) were developed as ArcGIS Pro Python tools using Python 3+ to map 10 bathymetric high and eight bathymetric low features according to the definitions of Dove et al. (2020). These tools are contained in the following six toolboxes:

  1. BathymetricHigh.pyt toolbox contains three tools: TPI Tool Bathymetric High, TPI LMI Tool Bathymetric High and Openness Tool Bathymetric High. These tools are used to map bathymetric high features.
  2. BathymetricLow.pyt toolbox contains three tools: TPI Tool Bathymetric Low, TPI CI Tool Bathymetric Low and Openness Tool Bathymetric Low. These tools are used to map bathymetric low features.
  3. AddAttributes.pyt toolbox contains six tools: Add Shape Attributes High Tool, Add Shape Attributes Low Tool, Add Topographic Attributes High Tool, Add Topographic Attributes Low Tool, Add Profile Attributes High Tool and Add Profile Attributes Low Tool. These tools are used to calculate attributes for bathymetric high and low features.
  4. ClassificationFeature.pyt toolbox contains two tools: Classify Bathymetric High Features and Classify Bathymetric Low Features. These tools are used to classify bathymetric high and low features into morphological categories defined in Dove et al. (2020).
  5. Accessory_Tools.pyt toolbox contains two tools: Merge Connected Features Tool and Connect Nearby Linear Features Tool. They are the accessory tools use to help the mapping processes.
  6. Surface.pyt toolbox contains two tools: Morphological Surface Tool Bathymetry and Morphological Surface Tool Slope. These tools are used to map three-class morphological surface.

The system and data format requirements of these ArcGIS tools are described in the tutorials accompanied with the tools. The tutorials also include sampled data and the detailed usages for individual tools. Further details of these tools including their descriptions, graphic illustrations and usages and python code examples are also available in their metadata.

Dove, D., Nanson, R., Bjarnadóttir, L., Guinan, J., Gafeira, J., Post, A., Dolan, M.; Stewart, H.; Arosio, R, Scott, G. (October, 2020). A two-part seabed geomorphology classification scheme (v.2); Part 1: morphology features glossary. Zenodo.