Masters Project Opportunity with GA/ANU

Regional geophysical data analysis near Cape Darnley, East Antarctica

This Master project has the objective of undertaking a data review on previously collected seafloor geophysical data held by Geoscience Australia and/or other Antarctic nations, to facilitate identifying target locations for future Pleistocene coring sites on the RV Investigator mission (IN2022_V01) to the Cape Darnley region (15 Jan. -11 Mar. 2022; Chief Scientist Dr Alix Post). The sediment cores will be crucial to providing records of previous warmer interglacials and will provide an analogue for understanding the impact of any future changes in bottom water production associated with a warming climate.

Subject to Marine National Facility and ANU travel and pandemic policies, and success with the Master project, the student may be invited to participate on the 2022 voyage. The project has the potential to be expanded to a PhD project at ANU as a result of voyage data becoming available for additional research opportunities.

This project is offered under Geoscience Australia's supported Master projects program at the Research School of Earth Sciences at ANU.

Closing date for applications: 31 December 2020
Start date: February 2021
GA Scholarship eligibility: Australian students only
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Leanne Armand (ANU) (
Other members: Dr Alix Post (Geoscience Australia) (

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