Two-part seabed geomorphology classification scheme (v.2)

We are pleased to announce the release of “Two-part seabed geomorphology classification scheme (v.2); Part 1: morphology features glossary”. This report is the result of an ongoing collaboration between representatives from Geoscience Australia, and the three largest seabed mapping programmes in Europe: MAREANO (Norway), INFOMAR (Ireland) and MAREMAP (UK).

This revised scheme (Dove et al., 2020) modifies and extends the Dove et al. (2016) two-part approach, and provides a list of seabed morphology feature terms and definitions that are primarily drawn from the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) guide for undersea feature names. The IHO terms have been modified and augmented with additional features to ensure the final catalogue and glossary encompasses the full diversity of morphologies observed at the seabed. In addition, the report provides sketches of typical morphologies for each feature type, and an easy lookup feature comparison figure.

Part 2 of the scheme is forthcoming, and will provide a robust framework for classifying these seabed Morphology features (Part 1) into more interpretative Geomorphic (Part 2) categories to assist in the creation of more consistent seabed maps.