Publications & Presentations


October 2019
AusSeabed Strategic Plan 2030 [PDF 2MB]

June 2019
Multibeam Echosounder Data Acquisition in Australia and Beyond—User needs summary [PDF 2.2MB]

Workshop presentations

July 2019
AusSeabed Workshop 5 [ZIP 84MB]: AGM, Strategic Plans, Annual Reports, 2019/20 work plan

July 2019
Crowdsourced bathymetry – Australian Node [external website]: Presented at AusSeabed Workshop No. 5

June 2019
AusSeabed Workshop Pydro and HydrOffice [PDF 37MB]: NOAA Hydrographic Processing Workflow

November 2018
iXblue cube presentation: [PDF 460KB]: Bathymetric data processing for multi-use products

July 2018
AusSeabed Workshop 4 [ZIP 28MB]: QA4MBES, Data management, and Governance

November 2017
AusSeabed Workshop 3 [ZIP 96MB]: National tools and National Multibeam Guidelines

May 2017
AusSeabed Workshop 2 [ZIP 93MB]: National Bathymetry Guidelines

October 2016
AusSeabed Workshop 1 [ZIP 13MB]: Bathymetry Priority Plan